Weekly Events

Dinner 5-7 PM


Hot Sandwiches
5-7 PM


Steak Night 6-9 PM

Karaoke 7-10 PM

Breakfast 9-12

On September 29, 1899, thirteen Spanish-American War veterans gathered in a small tailor shop in Columbus, Ohio, to discuss how they could assist their fellow veterans and the dependents of their fallen comrades. Soon joined by American veterans from the Philippine Insurrection, their selfless desire to care for those who share a common bond forged by war laid the foundation for the multifaceted, powerhouse organization that is known worldwide as the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

The men who founded the VFW challenged the status quo, and helped to forever change how our nation cares for her veterans, service members, and their families. Virtually every military and veteran quality of life program created in this century and last is due to the tenacity and perseverance of VFW members to ensure that a nation that creates veterans properly takes care of them when they return home. Join the VFW. Become a part of this rich history!

Special Meeting
Note that a Special Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28th, at 6:00 PM at the Post. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss our 9/11 Tribute and to recruit volunteers to support the event.

Quarter Drop -- Beat That!
For the past few months members and guests have played the quarter drop game at the canteen in hopes of winning a free beverage. Thanks to all who have played and thus contributed to the Post Relief Fund. Though many have played, a first was seen at the Post on Monday evening, June 28th. While enjoying the opening game of the Stanley Cup (go Lightning!), Jerry Mierle, US Army Special Forces Retired, dropped a quarter in the jar. The picture tells the rest of the story.

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