Weekly Events
None during renovation.








Post Paint Party
The Post Paint Party was an awesome success! Post and Auxiliary members focused on helping with the renovation answered the call and rolled up their sleeves from Sunday, 10/18, through Tuesday, 10/20, to paint the interior of the Post. Saving the Post over a thousand dollars, these volunteers chose to help row the boat and move the renovation towards completion. The Post owes Amber, Bill, Don, Jeff, Joe, Suzanne, and Vadim a sincere Thank You! for the good work done on behalf of the Post.

Next opportunity will be a tile party. Get involved. Sweat equity matters!

Renovation 2020
On Wednesday, August 12th, our construction permit was provided by the City. Construction began on Monday, August 17th. A considerable amount of work has been accomplished even given the impact of a pandemic. Members can follow the renovation project progress at Renovation 2020. A weekly update with pictures and expenditures to date is posted each Friday. Questions about the project should be emailed to rebuild@vfw10148.org.